Dr Danny M Philip

Stewardship Director

The Stewardship Department has one goal in mind, and it is to help every member of God’s church to be “living in readiness for the Kingdom of God.” The challenge therefore is to fulfill our roles in life as faithful stewards of the Lord Jesus Christ.  This involves our total lifestyle, all our abilities, the time allotted to us on earth, and all that we possess, to be used to the Glory of God.

Vision Statement
Is to see God’s image restored in His creation, which leads to “putting God first.”
Mission Statement
To inspire people to partner with God in a way that puts Him first.

Stewardship leads us to a sacrificial commitment to the mission of Jesus Christ, that if God needs all that we have to finish His work on earth, we are willing to give all to Him.  It will be worth it all one day to hear Jesus say to us “Well Done.”

Stewardship Governance Conference 2024

This conference is designed with you in mind and will seek to expose and empower you as you continue your stewardship

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