Children’s Ministries


Linda Ambrose


Artboard 12023 Children, Women & Possibility Ministries CALENDAR

Jan 23 & 24  CARU Child Protection Training (CM & YM)
ALL FEB.      NCC Child Protection Self-paced Training Course (CM & YM)
                     Module One (35 minutes)
                     Module Two (45 minutes)
                     Module Three (45 minutes)
Feb 03 – 05   IAD Basic Sign Language Training (PM)
Sab Feb.11   Launch Possibility Ministries Self-Paced Certification      
Mar 03 – 04   WM Level 3 Certification (See Brochure)
Sab Mar 04   WM Women’s Day of Prayer
Sab Mar 18   Global Youth & Children’s Day
Tue Apr 11.   IAD Series for Adolescents 
Sab Apr 22.   Possibilities Ministries Day
Apr 29 & 30   CARU Child Protection Training Pt.2
Sab May 27   Day of Prayer for Children @ Risk
June 09-17.   WM Level 3 Certification Pt. 2 (SXM, EUX, AXA)
Sab Jun 10.   WM Emphasis Day
JULY              Fiercefully Faithful VBS 2023 Introduction
                      Purchase VBS Kit 
Jul 16 – 22.    Children & Adolescents’ Week of Prayer
Sab Jul 22.    Children & Adolescents’ Sabbath
Sab Aug 26.  EnditNow Campaigns
Sun Aug 27.  EnditNow Flea Markets
Sab Oct 14.   CARU GEMS Convention
Sab Nov 18.  World Orphan & Vulnerable Children’s Day (CM & POS)


1.   Provide leadership and act as a consultant in Children’s Ministries for all local churches.
2.   Promote cooperation and networking among ministries the work for/with children.
3.   Conduct seminars and workshops on child-related issues.
4.   Evaluate and analyze information to identify needs for materials, programs and training.
5.   Provide resources for the Children’s Ministries leaders.
6.   Provide training for leaders and teachers for Children’s Sabbath Schools.
7.   Provide articles on children’s ministries for conference papers and other church publications.
8.   Interact with children’s ministries networks within the church and with those of other Christian groups.
9.   Work closely with CM leaders in local churches to encourage them to plan programs for children.
10. Arrange for translation and contextualization of resources as appropriate to the specific groups.
11. Conduct evaluations of projects, events, and programs at least once a year.  
12. Keep the union CM Director aware of local conference children’s programs and activities.
CM Coordinator/Leader Job Description


Our Philosophy
While Sabbath School provides for religious education once a week, Children’s Ministries looks at the whole child and seeks to provide multiple ministries that will lead children to Jesus and disciple them in their daily walk with Him.

Our Mission
The mission of the Children’s Ministries Department is to nurture children into a loving, serving relationship with Jesus.

My Challenge
It’s quite an awesome task God has entrusted me with, leading leaders to lead children to the greatest Leader of all. I am comforted though that God has promised wisdom in abundance to all who ask (James 1:5).  I challenge you all to seek Him daily as together we seek His transforming power in our lives and in the lives of our children.  I wish you Jesus.


Sample Child Protection Plan – Adventist Risk Management
CARU CHILD PROTECTION PLAN – Check Downloadable Resources (Section K)
CARU VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM – Check Downloadable Resources (Section K)
NCC Child Protection Training – Module 1
NCC Child Protection Training – Module 2
NCC Child Protection Training – Module 3

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