On January 27-30 a five member accreditation team from the Caribbean Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventist visited the St Eustatius SDA Primary School and the St Maarten SDA Primary School.

News February 11, 2020

On January 27-30 a five member accreditation team from the Caribbean Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventist visited the St Eustatius SDA Primary School and the St Maarten SDA Primary School. The objective of the Commission was to conduct quality control activities to ascertain that the schools measured up to the standards set by the General Conference of SDA for its educational institutions. 

The team interviewed stakeholders of the schools – students, teachers, board members, and the school’s Administrative team, as part of its investigation. Teachers were also observed as they delivered instruction.

Additionally, the facilities, curriculum, governance, financial condition, student services, strategic plan, spiritual master plan, school improvement plan, etc., were evaluated to ensure that the institution was in compliance with standards set by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, as well as the Dutch government which invests significant funds towards the operation of both SDA schools. A large number of documents were reviewed to ensure that the schools were policy compliant.

Evaluation of the St Maarten School was done on January 27-28; whereas the St Eustatius School was evaluated on January 29-30. At the completion of each evaluation exercise, the Commission shared some of its findings with the schools’ boards of management, teachers and other stake holders, in the form of an Exit Report. Several commendations were given, and several recommendations were made to improve the quality of education offered at the schools. Overall, the school board and school administration were highly commended for operating successful schools. The principals Mrs LaVerne David (St Eustatius SDA) and Ms Clara George (St Maarten SDA) received special accolades, as Chair of the Commission, Pastor Dermoth Baptiste, praised both women for their unstinting service to the institutions which they lead. “Principal David is doing a phenomenal job leading this institution, and with your continued support the future of the school looks bright”, remarked Ps Baptiste.

The Commission’s Chairman also commented, “Ms George is a young, dynamic Principal who has a clear vision for her school and has exhibited distinguished leadership. The St Maarten SDA School is in good hands”.

North Caribbean Conference Education Director, Mrs Gerene Joseph, also registered appreciation to the school board, teachers and principals of both schools for their contribution to the schools’ success. Mrs Joseph said, “I thank the Commission for its thorough and fair assessment of the schools. Both principals must be commended for outstanding leadership of their respective schools, and gratitude is extended to all stakeholders.  Indeed, the success of the schools is as a result of team effort.”

An ecstatic Principal David who is a stickler for excellence in education, expressed profound gratitude to her staff and school board for their support. She remarked, “This was a team effort and I am extremely grateful for your support. I could not have done it alone. Let’s celebrate our achievements together.”

Principal Clara George of the St Maarten School in expressing her satisfaction with the outcome of the evaluation stated, “We are grateful to God for the positive reviews we’ve received and we will implement the recommendations of the Commission so that our school can be even better. Thanks to my teachers and other stakeholders. Most of all, glory be to God.”

Currently, the St Maarten SDA Primary School has an enrollment of 324 students, while the St Eustatius SDA Primary School has an enrollment of 85 students. We pray God’s continued blessings on the schools as they continue to impact their respective communities by delivering quality education to students.