The Philipsburg Seventh-day Adventist Hosts Motivational Experience for Examination Students

On Sabbath May 4th, the Philipsburg SDA church on St. Maarten hosted "Motivational Experience for Examination Students", targeting examination candidates at the elementary and secondary school levels. The Motivational Experience started during the

News May 13, 2019

On Sabbath May 4th, the Philipsburg SDA church on St. Maarten hosted “Motivational Experience for Examination Students”, targeting examination candidates at the elementary and secondary school levels. The Motivational Experience started during the divine hour service, where examination students together with their parents/guardians were invited to the altar for prayer by Pastor Vashni Cuvalay.  

In the afternoon, the motivational experience continued with examination students being exposed to practical activities to build their confidence in and connection with the Head of All Examinations, our Creator.  They were reminded that examinations are never easy, but were reassured by Philippians 4: 13 that they can do all things, easy or hard, through Christ who gives strength. 

Through song, scripture, reflection on their fears, and a motivational presentation by Teacher Michavera Illdge, students were empowered, having received an “Examination Survival Kit” and Wall Hangers outlining Bible verses specific for examination candidates.  The afternoon’s program was flooded with prayers: to relief fear, for thanksgiving, for divine intervention and success, and self confirmation, to remind candidates that they are to “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God”

Parents/guardians, pathfinders and the  general congregation were also engaged in the afternoon’s program by pledging their commitment to the students while examination candidates pledged by the grace of God, to be spiritually committed, and confident.  

The University of the Southern Caribbean (USC) was promoted during the afternoon’s program, with three videos being shared with the students and congregation.

At Philipsburg SDA, including members of its youth clubs, a total of 11 elementary students will complete the Foundation Based Examinations (FBE) on May 13th to 16, while there are  seven (7) secondary level students writing varying exit examinations on the island.

At the elementary level, four FBE candidates attend our SDA School.  They are Andre Walker, Lilianna Jack, Tikeha Bourne and Levi Justin Valentino.  At St. Dominic Primary School, Adio Williams, Caiyden Marlin and Laneisha Webster are in the examination class while at the at the Methodist Agogic Center the examination students are Dillon French, Alliana Chandler and Jahira George.  Asha Stevens Hillside Christian School has one student, Eon Greene, who will write the FBE examination.

The following are the students at the secondary level:

VWO at Milton Peters College – Thalia Booker

CXC-CSEC at St. Maarten Academy – Philipa Cummings, Nigel Adriana, Mark McAlmont

AP at Learning Unlimited-Chevaughn Redan

VSBO at Milton Peters College -Sherlon English Jr.

Mariama Tyson-French Educational System

The idea for the Motivational Experience originated with Principal Esther Jeffers, and was executed by the Educational Department of the Philipsburg SDA Church, headed by Sis. Lavern Nelson, with other team members being Sis. Jeffers, Sis. Vera Illdge, Sis. Clara George, Sis. Sheron Gumbs and Sis. Christine Cummings.  The Education Department is grateful to the Communication Department, headed by Bro. Raphael Dowe, for assisting with the execution of the Motivational Experience.