GYD Is a Lifestyle of Service for Tortola Youth

The youth of the Sweet Redemptive Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church gathered on March 16, 2021, to become the hands and feet of Jesus.

News April 6, 2021

The youth of the Sweet Redemptive Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church gathered on March 16, 2021, to become the hands and feet of Jesus.  The mission was to reach out to all colors, cultures, and the community. The day was Global Youth Day (GYD), celebrated under the theme: “Reaching out: Colors, Cultures, and Communities”.   Loaded with food, water, literature, a willingness to go and smiling faces, the Adventist Youth and Pathfinders started the journey of reaching out by splitting into several groups.

One group visited the Adina Donovan Home for the elderly.  Tears of joy came to the faces of the elderly as they experienced love and care from the Sweet Redemptive young people. The youth mingled and had a great deal of joy speaking to the elderly and learning from their life experiences.  The youth then ministered to them in praise and worship songs while the elderly enjoyed and sang along.  After singing, they presented gifts to the elderly who were so touched that they asked the young people to come again soon. 

Another group donated food hampers and became “the sermon” to the community of Sea Cow’s Bay.  We were so touched by the community’s response to us.  “So appreciative to be able to get needed groceries,” said one young person. 

A third group ministered to the community’s needs by reaching out and touching every color and culture on the streets of Road Town.  They greeted passersby and gave them a word of encouragement from the “Master Outreach”, Jesus.  They also distributed water, literature, and invitations to attend our online crusade.     Everyone appreciated their touch. The young people were happy and thought it was a privilege and blessing to serve their fellowmen.

One small group journeyed to the heart of the community of Sea Cow’s Bay where they reached hearts for Christ when they participated and experienced the power of prayers in the community.  They prayed over houses and for young people giving them hope.  Those blessed by prayers were grateful.  The small group loved the experience and expressed enthusiasm for going again soon.

The youth were the hands of Jesus as they made a special delivery – a care package for a newborn.  The youth became “vessels of God” and shared their faith with the new parents.  As a result, their faith and relationship with God became stronger.  One youth said that he “was rewarded with an uplifted spirit”.

The youth were the feet of Jesus when they visited a shut-in with the Adventist Youth (AY) from the BelleVue SDA Church.  The shut-in warmly welcomed them, and they were able to share Jesus practically.  They were joyful when they saw how their visit was appreciated.  One young person said, “This was a faith-building visit that I am so thankful that I embarked upon”.

The young people were excited to be the hands, feet, mouth, and heart of Jesus.  They got out of their comfort zones and shared Jesus practically.  They thought it was a joy and blessing to be witnesses for the Lord and that the day was rewarding. They accomplished their goal of meeting the community’s needs and the people personally.  They were so positively impacted and energized that they are praying for other opportunities to go again, in small groups.  They passionately believe that they should be going and making service a lifestyle.  Their prayer is: May we show love in our actions, kindness in our deeds and Jesus in our walk. Father, we love and adore you so please help us to be “the sermon” by reaching out to all.