British Virgin Islands Seventh-day Adventist School VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

The British Virgin Islands Seventh-day Adventist School is seeking qualified teachers to fill the following vacancies for the 2024-2025 Academic School Year commencing on August 15, 2024.

1. Vice Principal

2. School Counsellor

3. Elementary Teacher

4. Music Teacher

5. Business Teacher

6. Science Teacher | STEAM Experience

7. Mathematics Teacher

8. Physical Education Teacher

Position Summary

The teacher in the Seventh-day Adventist School is first a missionary then an instructor. The teacher’s primary function is to lead the students into a meaningful relationship with Jesus. He/she must also provide faithful instruction in teaching education at the Elementary and Secondary school level. Regular attendance and involvement in a local church is necessary for the teacher to continue his/her interaction with students and to forge a relationship and understanding with parents. His/her professional service, personal conduct, and influence must be of a high standard.

Essential Functions:

· If assigned as homeroom teacher, to keep the daily register, students’ reports and other records up to date, post students’ scores and grades on an electronic system.

· To teach Education courses appropriate to the grade level and specialized content area

· To follow the schedules and calendar of the school.

· To plan his/her lesson or program, to teach and otherwise fulfill the curriculum requirements of the school

· To prepare weekly lesson plans for subject area.

· To skillfully use a variety of teaching methods, charts, illustrations and equipment to integrate technology in teaching.

· To develop and maintain constructive teacher-student relationships.

· To attend and contribute to faculty, home and school and other meetings as called by the appropriate person.

· To keep in close touch with the parents, keeping them informed of students’ progress.

· To faithfully promote Christian Education, showing respect and confidence for the church and Christian Education.

· To adhere to a professional Code of Ethics.

· To follow the principles outlined in the SDA Teacher Handbook.

· To work with students in a variety of extra-curricular activities.

· To serve on committees as assigned by the principal.

· To be able to use course management system to teach students.

· To be present daily for staff worship and to conduct worship when assigned.

· To fulfill supervision duties as assigned.

· To be able to use technology as a tool for educating students.

· To perform such other duties as may be duly assigned by the principal.

· To coordinate chapel each week or any other religious programs at the school.

· To help create and maintain a spiritual atmosphere at the school.


· Bachelor’s degree or higher in specific area of interest.

· Minimum requirement of five years of experience in teaching at the Secondary or Elementary Level.

· Teaching experience in a Seventh-day Adventist School is preferred but not mandatory.

How to Apply

Persons interested in this position must submit the following information:

1. Cover letter which should include your basic philosophy of life and your primary objectives.

2. Curriculum vitae/Resume

3. Copies of all certificates, diplomas and transcripts

4. Three letters of recommendation one of which should be from your Pastor.

5. Police record

6. Email | | or call 1-340-778-6589 or apply online at