News May 5, 2023

May 05, 2023 || St. Croix, US Virgin Islands | NCC Staff ||Linda Ambrose

Did you know that there are over 300 different sign languages in use around the world today? Well, thankfully, American Sign Language (ASL) is the one most widely used and the one chosen by the Explorers Unit of the City SDA Church Pathfinder Club on Possibility Ministries Sabbath. Pathfinders Ramsez Skelton, Kamaree Mohammed, Dajari Hicks, Ayden Prentice, and A’Kai Johnson read and signed the scripture reading (Judges 7:16-21) to the amazement of the waiting congregation. Hats off to these young men and their counselors, Maria Martin and Arlene Pinny-Benjamin! A special ‘Thank You’ to their parents and guardians for working with them at home and thanks to the leadership of the church for seeing the value of their ministry.

Left: Linda Sweeney (Caregiver) Center: Nimroy Petty (Differently abled) Right: Monica Petty (Caregiver). Image by NCC Staff

Other churches in the North Caribbean Conference seized the opportunity to intentionally include and/or recognize, caregivers, those with learning challenges such as dyslexia and autism, and other differently abled individuals. We praise God for their giftedness!

“Possibility Ministries is a ‘movement’, not a ‘program’, guided by the Holy Spirit to help us see through the eyes of a loving God the strengths and possibilities of seven unique people groups: the deaf, the blind, the physically immobile, those who have mental health challenges, orphans/vulnerable children, those mourning the loss of a spouse, and the support of caregivers.”

Like most of you, I’m no expert in APM, but I heard the call. And so, the next logical step was to learn as much as possible including, appropriate terminology and the 3-A Strategy: Awareness, Acceptance, and Action. It’s an on-going but rewarding process and that’s why I invite you to begin where I began – the APM Free Online (self-paced) Course that leads to certification.

If Adventist Possibility Ministries Day was just an ordinary Sabbath in your local congregation, you don’t have to wait until next April to do something extra-ordinary. Use these resources created by our department to get some ideas and plan your own APM Sabbath in the next month or two. See the possibilities! Join the movement!

APM YouTube video, 6:06.

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Possibility Ministries Sabbath 2023 Infographic.pdf

NCC APM Invitation