Elementary Teacher

Title: Elementary Teacher

Immediate Supervisor: Principal

Minimum Qualification: Bachelor Degree or higher in Education

Experience: At least one year successful teaching experience, preferably in a Seventh-day Adventist School, is desirable, but not mandatory.

General Observations:

  • Teachers in the St. Thomas/St. John Seventh-day Adventist School are first a missionaries, then instructors.  The teacher’s primary function is to lead the students into a meaningful relationship with Jesus. He/she must also provide faithful and careful instruction in the assigned subject(s) or class area(s). The Elementary School Teacher educates children from kindergarten through fifth grade. Regular attendance and involvement in a local church is necessary for the teacher to continue his/her interaction with students, and to forge a relationship of understanding with parents. His/her professional service, personal conduct, and influence should be of a high standard.  The culture of St. Thomas/St. John is a unique, mixed experience of the Caribbean, African, and the United States. Prospective employees should be prepared to deal with culture change, experiences and adaptation to the islands’ culture.

The teacher should adhere to a professional code of ethics, and the following personal qualifications should be evident in the life of the teacher:

  • Philosophy of Life
    • Works with the ongoing philosophy of life that contributes to the improvement of his/her own life and the lives of others.
    • Recognizes every person as being entitled to maximum self-actualization in relation to the best interest of society.
    • Makes satisfactory adjustment to his/her own physical environment.
    • Takes social situations as they are but works towards their improvement.
    • Manifests a positive and optimistic outlook on life.
  • Culture
    • Lives a rich personal life.
    • Behave as a mature, emotionally stable and focused individual.
    • Seeks to understand and appreciate good music, literature, art, etc.
    • Reads widely with understanding.
    • Travels at home and abroad and is aware of the wider world.
    • Pursues one or more worthwhile hobbies with interest and zest.
    • Maintains a healthy and growing spiritual life.
  • Social Relationships
    • Develops and maintains good social relationships.
    • Is a good and reliable member of his/her family.
    • Maintains a consistent record of honesty, integrity and good common sense in all business and related relationships.
    • Cultivates friendly associations with people in fields other than his/her own.
    • Is discriminating in the formation of friendships.
    • Is not taken in by every passing fancy of social, economic, and political doctrine.
    • Shows increasing satisfaction in associations with other people.
    • Thinks straight and expresses himself/herself clearly in word and action.
    • Is consistently courteous and well-mannered.
  • Personal Appearance and Health
    • Exhibits physical fitness and appropriate personal appearance.
    • Gets adequate rest, recreation, and proper food.
    • Takes periodic medical examination, and obeys follow up instructions.
    • Actively participates in one or more forms of physical recreation.
    • Exercises care in personal grooming and dress.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To effectively manage assigned class, to keep the daily register, student reports, cumulative folders, and other records, updated.
  •  To meet with students and parents to discuss education-related issues.
  • To establish a developmentally appropriate, positive, inclusive and safe learning environment that is conducive to learning.
  • To advance positive interpersonal relationships with coworkers and students.
  • To communicate proficiently with students, parents and administration.
  • To implement NCC adopted curriculum.
  • To prepare for assigned classes and provide lesson plans at designated times.
  • To integrate suitable use of technology.
  • To administer tests following school testing protocols and provide timely progress reports.
  • To determine and support standards of classroom behavior, and uphold school-adopted discipline policies.
  • To teach competently the required skills for the grade level assigned
  • To follow the schedules and calendar of the school.
  • To plan his/her lesson or program, to teach the subject(s), and otherwise fulfil the curriculum requirements of the school.
  • To skilfully use a variety of teaching methods, charts, illustrations, equipment and research.
  • To develop and maintain constructive teacher/student relationships.
  • To attend and contribute to faculty, home and school, and other meetings, as called by the appropriate person.
  • To keep in close touch with the parents, keeping them informed of student’s progress.
  • To faithfully promote Christian Education, showing respect and confidence for the church, and for Christian Education.
  • To adhere to a professional code of ethics.
  • To follow the principles outlined in the Workers/Teachers’ Handbook.
  • To perform such other duties as may be duly assigned by the principal.

The application package must be emailed or sent to the North Caribbean Conference HR Department:

Pastor Wilmoth James
Executive Secretary/Director of Human Resource
P.O. Box 580
Christiansted, St. Croix USVI 00821
Email: wjames@northcarib.org